Freedom Sessions – Emotional Healing Ministry
Ministry Leader – Holly Reicks

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”  John 8:32
Have you ever felt frustrated because the truth you know clashes with the way you feel?
Living with this pressure is emotional bondage.  When your heart and your head agree on the
truth, then you are free to live a passionate and fearless life!

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come so that they may have life, and
may have it abundantly.”  John 10:10

Jesus promised us abundant life, and that promise includes emotional wellness.  From time to
time, everyone experiences some sort of emotional crisis or pain.  Freedom Sessions provide an
opportunity to connect with God and experience the life that’s worth living!

Freedom Prayer Training – Audio/Video

Purpose of a Freedom Session?

The purpose of a Freedom Session is to allow Jesus to heal emotional pain and the issues driven by emotional pain.  Jesus is eager to speak to us about what we think and believe.  Just as light replaces darkness, the truth replaces lies and peace is the result.  No matter what the emotional issues are, Jesus wants you to know the truth and experience peace.

Who are Freedom Sessions for?

Everyone! Life is stressful and we all need help processing through our emotions from time to time.  Freedom Sessions offer help for anyone who struggles with anger, fear, disappointment, sadness, loss, grief or stress.  Freedom Sessions are helpful for anyone seeking healing from addictions, emotional disorders, sleep disorders, eating disorders, compulsive behavior, chronic pain, depression or suicidal thoughts. Individuals often experience a stronger connection with Jesus after a session, but you don’t
have to be a Christian to benefit from a session.  Freedom Sessions are for people of all denominations and all ages.   We offer Freedom Sessions for adults, teens and children.

What happens in a Freedom Session?

During a Freedom Session, individuals can expect to meet with one or two trained Freedom Session specialists.  The sessions are personal and confidential.  The Freedom Session specialists will follow Jesus lead as He reveals the truth that brings healing, restoration and freedom.

How long does it take?

For adults and teens, each Freedom Session takes about one and a half to two hours. Sessions for children are much shorter (about 30 minutes.)  Some people come for multiple sessions as they go through the healing process, but most of the time individuals experience immediate relief.

How do I schedule a Freedom Session or get more information?

To get more information or request Freedom Session Ministry:
Visit the Grace Fellowship Church website at
Phone 501-606-0958.

Freedom Nights

Freedom Nights – on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of most months, we offer Freedom Nights.
Individuals desiring an appointment for a Freedom Session may arrange to come to Freedom
Night, where a team of specialists will meet with you.
To get more information or make an appointment for Freedom Night:
Fill out a Freedom Session Ministry Contact Form on the website

Freedom Session Training

Periodically, we offer various Freedom Session training classes. During these training sessions, you can learn how to conduct a Freedom Session with your friends and family members, including children.  We also conduct more intensive training for individuals who want to become specialists in the Freedom Session Ministry. Watch the Grace Fellowship website, or the weekly church announcements for more details about upcoming Freedom Session training and events.

Freedom Prayer Training

Other Resources:

A book by Holly Reicks will be available soon.  Watch the Grace Fellowship website, Freedom Session Ministry page for updates.
Contact the Freedom Session Ministry Leader and author, Holly Reicks, by email or by calling 501-606-0958.
Seed Digging: A Simple Technique that Leads to Incredible Inner Peace, by Shawna Burns, LPC, LADAC is a 60-page, power packed book that was created so that children and adults could
learn how to find inner peace all by themselves.
Charlie and the Yucky, Stinky, No-good Fruit, by Shawna Burns, is an illustrated children’s book
that teaches children and adults how to overcome personal addictions and mental health issues
quickly and permanently by pulling “sad seeds” from their lives when behaviors and emotions
get out of control.  Both of Shawna’s books are available from

“Today was my first day back at college for summer class.  I had never felt more confident in myself.  I talk to new people.  I made new friends.  I could be myself … I believe in myself …”

“It (Freedom Session) has been like being touched and loved by God Himself in a very real way with each meeting. And touched in places that ached beyond words as far back as I could remember; and that had horribly influenced my whole life till now. “  K.

”… I would put this protective wall up so you never truly saw the real Dana because I believed it would never be enough and you too would leave like most people in my life!  I believed I was not good enough… God did a”BIG”work in me.  I no longer felt the pain of never being enough, (and) the pain of comparing myself with everyone.”  Dana

“I had lived with severe depression for about four years.  I had been to three different psychologists and taken many different kinds of anti-depressants.  Nothing helped with my pain…. Freedom Sessions really did save my life.  I went from (being) someone that didn’t want to face another day on this earth to (being) someone that loves her Lord and wants whatever He has in store for me.”  Susan

“I thought I was ugly and felt rejected, now I know God sees me as perfect and I am accepted.” Nate, 9 years old.

“I believed God was angry and hated me, now I know his love for me is endless.”  Pauly