About Us

As the Lead Pastor of Grace Fellowship of Cabot, my wife Jeanne and I want to welcome you to our website. We are honored by each person who visits our church and are excited that you are considering becoming a part of this movement.

Our church is committed to reaching our generation through relationships. We believe all genuine Christian experience must flow out of relationship with God, with the body of Christ, and with one another.

We have a strong contemporary flavor with a conservative theology. We believe the Bible basics and the fundamentals of historic Christian faith. However, our approach towards ministry, evangelism, and organization reflect the current culture.

We recognize a desperate cry for love, a need to belong, and a search for meaningful relationships that dominates our disheartened society. We want to answer that cry and we want to ask you to consider helping us do it. In our church, you will be presented with the opportunity to partner with us to meet the needs of this community in the power of Jesus Christ, and work with us to maximize the potential God has placed within you.

The tabs above will help you discover our vision, our values, and our perspective on the aspects of our church that make us distinct from other churches.
Bless you,
Alan Alford, Senior Pastor